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Clock "World":

Showing the time of all countries

Mechanical clock showing the time in all the time zone, on a sole face, and all the movement of the earth and the moon

Installation and use

Installation :

Install the shelf in the place you have chosen ( you must'n move it together with the clock ) but carry it gently.

Put the clock on the shelf ( with must be stable ). Hang the two weights to their own hooks. Hang the long pendulum and push it gently.

Check the horizontality of the clock in order two obtain a regular tic-tac.

Winding of the weights :

Once a weeck, you have to take up the chain above the weight and pull down the other end of the chain. Then it's going to work for about one weeck.

Too fast or to slow :

If it wock too fast, lengthen the pendulum ( unscrew the nut under the weight of the pendulum ),

and if it wock too slow, screw the nut.

Finalization of the time :

The end of minuts, witch makes a turn in one hour, is ajusted when turning it with or finger in its sense of worcking. Please turn manually the blue central disc for the hours .

To get more life, but without necessity, this disc makes a complete turn + one hour. It's moved by the weight of the right side. The hand of minutes is moved by the weight of the left side .

Sideral moon :

To turn the sideral moon ( above the earth ) you will have to move up its central axel to separate the two wheels and then turn the moon. Move down the moon to gather together the two wheels.

Synodic moon :

Turn the moon on itself to show its black face at the '' new moon '', or its white one at the '' full moon '' . Its rotation will then be managed by the machanism itsef .

The earth can be manually turned to show, at noon, the continent you wish.

Maintenance :

Put once a year a drop of vaseline oil to each end of horizontal axels, on some teeth of the wheels and at every place where there is a fiction between the metallic pieces.


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