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Art & Tradition

Our mecanisms, tellurions, orreries, or other clocks, are based on clock mecanics, a long-time tradition in the French region Franche-Comté, next to Switzerland.

This tradition gives them a special touch appreciated by art and handcraft amateurs.

Prestige & Exigence

Because of their size (typically 1 cube-meter), and the fact they are entirely handmade, our creations are prestigious.

They are dedicated to a demanding clientele, who is keen of luxury objects.



If you own a jewelery, a clock shop or an art gallery, your customers might be interested in purchasing a luxury globe, a tellurion or an orrery.

To get information about how to become one of our dealer,

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If you own a commercial establishment (hotel, restaurant, shop, gallery, ...)

by decorating it with one of our monumental mechanisms,

you create a very prestigious ambience.

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