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Clock "World":

Showing the time of all countries

Mechanical clock showing the time in all the time zone, on a sole face, and all the movement of the earth and the moon


This clock has been created and realized by Christian Bernardet, a watchmaker in ''Franche-comte'' in France, near Métabief-Mont d'Or. It permits to know the time on a sole face, everywhere in the world in the different time zones, symbolized by the name of one of the capital cities of each time zone. The face, which is enameled-white, is painted of strokes separating the 24 time-zones and of the name of the capitals.

In the middle, another face, half sky-blue, half night-blue, and figures from 0 to 24.

On the perimeter of the enameled-face, a blue-night metal crown is decorated with figures from 5 to 60 (minutes), one turn representing one hour.

Above the clock : a brass globe represents the continents, hand engraved, and the Moon. In front of the globe, another moon on its axle, pivots on itself.

horloge monde

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horloge monde

Technical characteristics:

It's a mechanical clock mecanism, regulated by a pendulum, the driving force of which is created by the cast iron weight (3 to 4 kg). The winding of the weights is made with a crank. It's autonomy is about a week. A long pendulum regularizes the passage of the time : the precision is adjusted with a nut in the lowest part of the pendulum. The dimension of the clock is approximately the same as the one of a ''Comtoise clock''.

Two heavy loads furnish the driving force to the clock. The mechanical pieces can be seen on the side to admire the ingenuity of the device.

All the pieces are made of metal, steel, brass, bronze, following the traditions of the ''jurassiens'' watchmakers. They have been conceived to last several centuries.

The whole clock is created and assembled by the craftsman-creator.



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